Coffee growing regions that depend on bees to pollinate coffee plants, together with high temperatures and droughts, will begin to erode the cultivated land. It is estimated that by the year 2100, 50% of the land where coffee is grown will be infertile.
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Bananas need a moderate climate to ripen and a constant amount of water to thrive. Rising temperatures and climatic phenomena are expected to affect their production, leading to their disappearance in at least 10 countries by 2050.
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Currently, 50% of the world's chocolate comes from Costa de Marfil and Ghana, countries that are under risk from climate change, which will adversely affect cocoa growing conditions.
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Cereals, such as rice and wheat, are an endangered food due to the decrease in the Earth's capacity to produce them, which would harm the production of bread or pasta. This also includes beers!!
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Another consequence of the increase in global temperature is the appearance of new pests affecting crops. This, together with the increase in soil aridity due to droughts, threatens the production of the olive trees from which olive oil is extracted.
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    Welcoming cocktail by Zacapa Rum

    Amousse – Catch of the day


    Beets Tiradito with heart of palm emulsion & caviar


    Venison Carpaccio with watercress salad


    Nori Chicharrón Prawn “tostadas” with Guajillo Adobo


    Halibut sudado – humita (sweet corn tamal)


    Flourless Venezuelan chocolate cake

    Enjoy an exclusive and special dinner, with Mission Ceviche’s Chef José Luis Chavez and our special guest, Chef Grace Ramirez – Chef & Activist.

    During this two-hour experience, you will be served an special multi course menu where the main characters are those endangered foods due to climate change, such as rice, wheat, corn, avocado.

    Our Mixologists have created an authentic cocktail menu to complement the artistic and exquisite dishes.

    We want to pay homage to every single person that plays a role in the harvesting process of such important crops for our community.

    Carretillero Ceviche
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    Tuna Tartare
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    Conchas a la Parmesana
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    Lomo Saltado
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    Chefs Selection of dessert
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    Born in Miami at the heart of a Venezuelan family, Grace grew up among influences from a diverse array of Latin countries, including Chile, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, and Mexico, where her mother now lives. She further expanded her horizons as a young adult living in New York City, where she received her professional training at the French Culinary Institute. 


    In New Zealand, Grace was drawn to the Kiwis’ hunter-gatherer mentality, devotion to seasonal produce, and commitment to garden-to-table cooking. She took it upon herself to pursue a hands-on education in their techniques, including the nose-to-tail food preparation method — learning how to slaughter, skin, preserve, and cook game meats to ensure the whole animal is utilized and waste is reduced.  

    These sustainable philosophies continue to guide Grace’s approach in everything from recipe development to large-scale partnership execution, resulting in food that truly nourishes body and soul.

    Since his childhood, Chef Jose Luis Chavez has had an almost insatiable desire for adventure and vigor for life. After graduating from high school, he made a few attempts at pursuing university, but ultimately required a different pace that led him to the culinary world. It was at a restaurant in Merida, Venezuela, where he was raised high in the Andes, that he first made his way into a kitchen.

    Within a year, he was traveling to Peru, the land of his father, who originates from Rioja, San Martin, a region of the jungle. During that time, not only did he commence culinary school, but he moved in with his family and discovered the joy of shared meals over platters of ceviche and other delicious food. Over five years of living in Peru, Chef Jose Luis graduated from culinary school, worked in a myriad of restaurants in and out of Lima, and had his first foray into entrepreneurship. He was privileged to travel the country extensively, exploring the depth of Peruvian cuisine and the mysteries of its cultural history and living environments.

    PRICE PER PERSON: $145 + tax + gratuity. (This will be paid at the restaurant).

    You won’t get charged a cancellation fee if you call the restaurant a day in advance.