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We are rolling out a special prix-fixe lunch menu for a limited time, this is your chance to enjoy the craft of our talented chefs preparing exquisite Peruvian dishes in our open kitchen.
NYC Restaurant Week
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Mission Ceviche

New Peruvian Cuisine

We believe in bringing people together in vibrant and dynamic venues to create lasting memories over satiated stomachs. Our team is dedicated to using the freshest ingredients and a modern take on classic culinary techniques to showcase the flavors and dishes of Peru. The menus are designed to be as varied as the cultures and ecosystems of Peru, as diverse and exciting as New York, and as globally relevant as the team preparing and serving the food and drinks.

1400 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10021
(212) 650-0014 |

Meet Our Chef

Chef Jose Luis Chavez

Chef Jose Luis Chavez was born and raised in Venezuela to a Peruvian father and Colombian mother. He has a culinary experience that spans three continents and is the co-founder and co-owner of Mission Ceviche. Jose Luis and his partner, Brice Mastroluca, opened Mission Ceviche in 2015. Since then, Mission Ceviche has become a hallmark of excellence in Peruvian fast casual cuisine in New York City, known for its delicious, refreshing, and healthy ceviches, along with a number of other traditional Peruvian dishes, mixed with a modern flair.

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Mission Ceviche